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  • Productive OCD: Purpose (1 of 5)

    I would like to say I am self-proclaimed OCD but that would be a lie. Many will confirm this fact about me. It's a bit odd to find creative types such as myself (a musician, songwriter, pseudo-inventor and innovator) that have a real understanding and passion for organization. Our type is much more prone to freedom and/or chaos. This isn't condemnation at all. In fact, we work best when in this environment. Try to get McCartney or Picasso and the likes of other great artists to work a nine to five with a boss and a dress code and we wouldn't be blessed with so much great art present in our world. Over the next five of days I am going to post a series of blogs to help revolutionize your future. You may be good, you may be great. But when you begin to apply these organizational pieces to your life it will clarify, streamline, and improve your potential for extraordinary success.

    While archery may be a fun excuse to launch an arrow into your neighbor's yard or chase off a pesky rodent, the ultimate goal is to hit a target that you are aiming or hunting for. You are hungry for something.You may just not know for what yet. Like those annoying conversations sitting in the driveway trying to decide what to eat with a group of friends. Everyone is hungry but no one wants to decide where we are going. Are you just scared to say what you want because you are afraid it will get shot down?

    Well step number one in organizing yourself for success is writing down your purpose. The key word isn't "purpose" here. The key words are "writing down". There is something indescribibly important about writing things down. If you cannot clearly communicate your purpose or goals, or strategy for achieving them, you most likely have not tried writing them down. I've found that BIG dreams take a lot of people and that means a lot of communication. Our innate desire in communication is for clarity to be present. Before you set out on a journey or go any further in one. Write down your purpose in traveling so that all that may be a part of your journey will understand why and where we are traveling. This isn't an organizational tip. This is a personal one. You, as a person, should write down your mission. How will you judge one month from now whether you have been succeeding at what you feel your mission or purpose is? Are you waiting for someone to tell you that you are failing or succeeding? Are you waiting for something to go wrong? Do you need to go bankrupt before you assess your mission? Does your spouse need to leave you before you reevaluate your purpose in life? No time to waste. Before we go any further, make sure you know where you want to go.

    Write your personal mission statement then write down your core values.

    I did this for myself. I wrote down my mission statement and then my core values as a husband, father, leader, pastor, and person. Several of the values and categories intersect but some don't so it helps to generate separate lists. I refer back to these lists often to see how I am doing. It may help to start with your values as a person then attempt to construct your mission statement from there. Don't be afraid to have several drafts and to edit them over a several month, or even yearly basis. At some point you won't want to touch it because you will know with confidence what your mission is So get to work and let me know how it goes.

    I will build on this in tomorrow's post on goals.