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  • Organization for Creatives: Target Routine (3 of 5)

    If you have checked out installment 1 and 2 in this blog series on writing your personal mission statement and setting goals you are ready for the most powerful thing you could ever do for your schedule, almost regardless of your field.

    I'm in a blessed position where I get to write my own shcedule. I realize not everyone is so privileged. I also realize not everyone is disciplined enough to handle this freedom/responsibility. Regardless if you are a self-starter entrepenuer or a pencil pushing, cubicle-bound servant of the man, this time management writing exercise can help you manage your passions, tasks, and responsibilities in the most effiicient way.&nbsp;

    Let me see if this sounds familiar. You have one giant to-do list that includes groceries, work calls, errands, new recipes, bills to write, etc, etc, etc... It gets longer and longer. It never ends. You forget things on the list and a bunch of things never even make it to the list and stay incomplete. How's that working for you? My brain will just not allow me to process so many things together that are better evaluated and completed separately. I began separating all these unique tasks in the most efficient way for completing them around my schedule and personality.

    A target routine is like a really fun water slide. Each slide is unique with its twists and turns, you'll never take the exact same journey through the tube, and it will always quickly and efficiently drop you back into the pool to relax a little before climbing back up and giving it another go. A target routine is an efficent way to organize tasks throughout your week so that more things get done in less time. For instance, stop doing one errand a day, every day. Take two hours on Tuesdays and get all of them done at once. Add to your errand list throughout the week and have the discipline to wait until the set time. Very few errands are urgent. When a list is in place for a category in your target routine, you plan ahead, forget less tasks and have more time to do whatever you want. A target routine is made up of blocks of time, not specific times. Within my target routine I have space for things like mentoring and being mentored, reading, paying bills, family devotions, date night, rest, writing, and creative space for whatever I want to do. Remember, there is no right answer. They should all be different. based on personality, occupation and schedule. Hey Bosses! Try this in your organization. What if everyone in every position was more efficient at what they did because we all had a similar target routine?

    I AM FREE! I am not stressing about everything, all of the time anymore. I put it on the list and will knock it out at the right time. I control my time. My time does not control me. I control my schedule. My schedule does not control me. Make a choice. Make a plan. Make a target routine and be disciplined enough to stick to it. You will be surprised how much freedom there is in discipline.