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  • Organization for Creatives: Disciplined for Excellence

    I'm sure you've heard that mastery of your craft takes 10,000 hours of practice. That means that you are a master at sleeping, eating, and pooping. Aren't you so accomplished?! In all seriousness, the one area you are most naturally talented in takes disciplined practice to truly master it. Beyond talent to true mastery. I played sports in school, mainly basketball and football. I was OK. Never anything to write home about. I remember being surrounded by some of the most naturally gifted human beings I've ever seen. I wish I could say that all of them made it big and went on to be professional athletes. Some of them did. Most of them didn't. It had nothing to do with talent. It had everything to do with discipline. Remember this, nothing can hold you back except you. Here are a few thoughts to chew on about discipline:

    1. How bad do you want this?
    2. How much practice time do I need to schedule in my week to become a master in 5 years? 10 years? Take the time and do the math to see what this will really require of you. Remember to do a honest subtraction of time practiced already.
    3. What can I eliminate from my schedule to allow time for my passion? Chances are, there are several. Pick a few. You may just need to limit those other areas to find the time you need.
    4. Study, read, be mentored, work hard, pray hard. God will blow your mind when you let Him write the equation for success.
    5. What does success mean to me? Is this how God defines success? Will this fulfill me?

    I hope the past five days have been encouraging to you personally and professionally. Please share this blog series with friends and colleagues as I hope to encourage the masses in their journey.