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  • Hey Dreamer! Find your space.

    Something I am learning every day is how to find my space. Not just my outer space but my inner space. Let me explain.

    Steve Jobs was a dreamer. He was extraordinarily successful because he found both his inner and outer space. He co-founded Apple (Macintosh) computers and was later fired by the company he created. Several years later he was asked to rejoin the company and lead them to greater success in the new millenium. He did just that with the releases of ground breaking mobile entertainment and computer technologies. If you learn more about his story you will find that he was the perfect candidate at the perfect time to dream and create in his field, or "outer space". Look further and you'll find that it was the inner struggle (or space) to overcome and succeed that transformed a success story to a legend and icon.

    Michael Jordan transformed the game of basketball. The NBA was a big man's game. Most legends of basketball were 6'9 or taller. Very few players like Oscar Robertson (6'5) and Jerry West (6'2), whose careers both lasted from 1960-1974, came along to make an impact on the game, and certainly none at the caliber in which Jordan did. The game progressed from a big man's game to one where teams had to have incredible athletes at the two and three position to guard the likes of Jordan. American basketball hit the global market at a much greater level with the Nike and Jordan brands because of his success. There was outer space open for this legend to succeed. There was no one to stop him. He was cut from his high school team but overcame that failure and many more to become basketball's greatest player ever.

    Understanding that you hold the keys to achieve your dreams begins by understanding yourself. Understanding the connection between who God created you to be, where you've come from and where you want to go is what I call the foundation of the inner space. Today, you may see your past history with pain and scorn but it could be your foundation for the inner space that God will use to ultimately fulfill you. Once you see this incomplete portrait you can look around, see the outer space in which your passion and skills can flourish, and then finish this incredible painting that God dreamt long before you were born.

    Find your space.