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  • Why you hate bigots, racists and hypocrites and probably are one

    Do you ever have so much to say that you choose to say nothing because you fear you don't have enough time or knowledge to finish it?
    Well I do. My heart is broken and troubled though over so much I see in the world that it's utterly overwhelming to a caring soul like mine.

    In the months leading up to our American presidential election, my awareness of our fraudulence as a people is at an all-time high. Our "best candidates" skew facts for their own good. Possible quality candidates will never be given a shot because of the culture/system we have created. And the wisest of our possible candidates will choose a better life for themselves. But I digress. This discussion isn't designed to be about our candidates or politics but really to be about you and me.

    What I'm just flat over is people who claim to hate racists, bigots, and hypocrites yet are some of the biggest ones I know. And before you jump on a bandwagon or start throwing stones, just stop for a second. Come down from your mighty place of wisdom, pride, and apathy and listen to yourself. Realize that you aren't who you think you are. You don't believe what you think you believe. For those of you that are believers in the way of Christ as I am. You(we) are the worst.

    You are idol worshippers. You have created a god that serves you. A god that you can be comfortable with and control. A god you can use when necessary.
    This is not the God of the Bible. The God of the Bible is worthy to be loved and trusted with one's whole life. To be given control. To move us from our place of comfort. God is in all of your life and wants to be in all of your life.  

    Let me be more specific if you are having trouble breaking through my frustrated tone.

    To those who find themselves on the left end of the polarized political spectrum. You call the religious right bigots. You are what you despise. Some days you are worse.
    To those Christians that claim to follow Jesus, when is the last time you really loved your enemies and prayed for those who persecute you? Do you really believe in grace, in mercy, in forgiveness? You better hope you do. Because you will need it, just as we all will. It is our only hope.
    To those that claim to believe in equality, put it into action. Do something that would give someone else the same shot you had.

    We only want equality as long as we get our extra piece on the side.
    We only want freedom for everyone so long as everyone agrees with us.
    We only want to help people as long as it doesn't hurt us.

    You hypocrite.
    You bigot.
    You racist.

    You say you are one thing but you aren't.
    You don't believe and you don't live like you believe.

    From one caring soul to another, be honest with yourself and everyone else too. Honesty is where healing begins.