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  • You're an art critic and you didn't know it

    "Those uniforms on that team look ridiculous!"

    "The paint on these walls looks too dark."

    "What do you mean you hate this shirt? This is my favorite shirt!"

    "This guy is too boring to listen to."

    You see, you are an art critic and didn't know it.

    We are surrounded by art. Some generic. Some bad. Some original. Some provocative. Some boring and some inspiring.

    Clothing. Color. Communication. These are all arts that should join the traditional gamut of music, movies, and "museum art".

    You may disagree but creativity (or lack thereof) has even gone into developing the names of the colors on your wall. And most importantly, it matters.

    It effects the way you feel, the way you think, the way you buy.

    Your stress level, your creativity, and your motivation all have been effected either positively or negatively by the art that surrounds you.

    You know how you feel in your favorite outfit? Confident. Its Art. From creative thought to expression, development, marketing, purchasing, and finally you wearing it and feeling confident.

    So what's the point in this unrequested "defining art" symposium?

    Own it. Don't let the word ART scare you. Just because you don't consider yourself creative or an artistic doesn't mean you can't be or shouldn't be.

    Art should be less about the commercial appeal, or what the critics say, and more about what you release, learn about yourself and share with the world in the process.

    But just because you are producing it doesn't mean its worthy to be shared in public forum. Be very careful before you launch your art to the world. Be prepared to not be received, to be criticized, and be laughed at. Know that there is a great risk/reward relationship in expressing art. Its the hand that feeds you and can strangle the life out of you too.

    Own it for yourself first before inviting others to enjoy it.