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  • Finishing

    I grew up in love with the game of basketball. I was the short white kid who couldn't shoot. Doesn't sound like these hoop dreams are headed for success right? Well regardless of what my future held playing the game, I loved it. I still do. I spent hours every night as a kid and teen playing on any court I could find. I was a natural passer, ball handler, defender and leader; a classic point guard. As I developed my weaker areas like shooting and rebounding, there was one hurdle I couldn't get over...finishing. I would use incredible technique dribbling (I mean, And1 baller wanna be at its best) and making it to the basket only to watch the ball clank off the rim one more time. I couldn't finish. It was the death of me. Everything was perfect until the ball didn't go in. I soon found out this flaw was wrapped up in much more than basketball.

    As a creative I find myself surrounded by people a lot like me. People who have big dreams, big opinions, a good heart and an inability to finish. So what must the creative develop in order to finish projects, pieces, and dreams?

    3 Keys for the Creative Person to be a Productive Person

      1. A hatred for unfinished projects and a passion for follow thru. Nothing changes unless something changes. This mindset=step one. 

      2. A "get it done right now" attitude. I don't believe myself when I say I'll do it tomorrow. Half of what gets done every day doesn't make it to the to do list.

      3. An intense system for life organization. The only reason I'm effective at anything is that I organize and track projects. I have to follow up on myself because I usually don't finish tasks like I want to. I'm not near as good as I think I am. This is quality control for my life.

    Here's the amazing news- finishing feels great. I've learned to finish now. Still probably can't on the court, but in life, when it matters, I do. The idea of rolling the boulder 75% up the hill every day only to let it roll back down again is the epitome of frustration, self doubt, and hopelessness. So here's to finishing. Here's to success and realized dreams.
    Let's go finish something!