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  • This is Really About That

    I stood in absolute wonder and confusion as my oldest son alerted me to smoke that was rising from the ground underneath the playground in our backyard. This wasn't fog, steam or even a leaf burning in the sun as I first thought. It was like there was a literal fire burning beneath the dirt. I snapped video and photos and sent it to people who might be able to solve this natural phenomenon. Could actual fire really be burning underneath the dirt and not go out? I touched ground where the smoke was coming up and I could feel the heat as I got closer. It felt like fire. I quickly grabbed a stick to dig with to see if I could dig up this apparent underground fire. Imagery of our local news network coming to do a story on this one of a kind wonder flashed across whatever cortex in my brain controls imagination. I dug a little deeper and the smoke got thicker and the heat hotter. What was I about to uncover?

    Well, turns out, underneath the smoke wasn't a fire after all. When we installed the playground, we nicked an electrical wire that was touching the wooden leg of the playground beneath the earth. This also solved the previous mystery as to why our garage power kept shorting out and flipping the breaker. Previous eletrcial estimates to fix the problem were between $700-$1200. All these mysteries were finally solved. The garage power and the haunting rising smoke all could be explained. THIS IS REALLY ABOUT THAT. 

    So many times in life we find ourselves frustrated as we search for solutions to our problems. Most of the time, its not what we think of first and maybe even what we fixate on. This is usually about that. Dad not being at your ball games isn't about him not loving you, or how busy he is at work, or even his drinking problem. It might be that since his mom passed away, he has never recovered to be able to love others. Its not that he doesn't love you, its that he hasn't felt worthy to love or be loved. Contextualize this example to your life and maybe the short in power is your lack of self discipline or the communication problems in your marriage but here's the point...

    It's time to do some digging. 

    This is really about that. 

    I can almost guarantee you that the more you dig, the hotter it will get. 

    The solution won't be what you thought it was because the problem wasn't what you thought it was.