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  • Overnight sensation syndrome

    It seems these days that everyone wants to blow up into some sort of international sensation overnight because they saw Snooki and the Sitch do it. The unfortunately popular American pursuit for fame and celebrity is destroying todays youth and depressing the more seasoned. Kids, teens, and young adults are having trouble removing their faces from the pie in sky and are slowly waking up with an awful stomach ache. Middle agers and baby boomers remember a time when folks consistently invested in something that mattered to them over a period of time. When people lived a good life by waking up every day, working hard, and coming home to family. I would like to boldly encourage the masses for a brief moment, if I may.

    First of all, get over yourself. You aren't nearly as great and worthy to be watched and listened to as you think you are. Quit imitating people that lack purpose and let yourself be influenced by people with God honoring vision.

    Secondly, work that matters fulfills you. I believe fulfillment is found in understanding a call/purpose from God on this earth. All other pursuits will satisfy for a moment but eventually leave you empty.

    Lastly, be patient. Statistics that people would hurl at me as a short white kid who wanted to star in the NBA frustrated me as a child. Now I get it. Perspective is everything. It only meant that the journey would most likely be long and hard for me. Rome wasn't built in a day and neither will your dream. Be patient. Be consistent. Be courageous.

    Be encouraged. You can do something that matters every day regardless of your platform.